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Researching History Education

International Perspectives and Disciplinary Traditions

Bestellnummer: 40813 (Print) / 40814 (PDF)
Autoren/Hrsg.: Manuel Köster, Holger Thünemann, Meik Zülsdorf-Kersting (Eds.)
unter Mitarbeit von: Sebastian Bracke, Mario Carretero, Didier Cariou, Arthur Chapman, Penney Clark, Colin Flaving, Peter Gautschi, Violetta Julkowska, Manuel Köster, Christoph Kühberger, Peter Lee, Esko Nikander, Everardo Perez-Manjarrez, Abby Reisman, Holger Thünemann, Nicole Tutiaux-Guillon, Carla van Boxtel, Bodo von Borries, Arja Virta, Sam Wineburg, Meik Zülsdorf-Kersting
Erscheinungsjahr: 2019
Auflage: 2. vollst. überarb. u. aktual. Aufl.
Seitenzahl: 368
ISBN: 978-3-7344-0813-7 (Print) / 978-3-7344-0814-4 (PDF)
Klassenstufe: Sek. I+II
Reihe: Geschichtsunterricht erforschen
Format: Broschur

Verfügbarkeit: lieferbar

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31,99 €

Researching History Education

Über das Buch

Any attempt to improve history education depends on a sound knowledge of its current state as well as of possible alternatives. Aiming to broaden nationally limited educational discourse, this book brings together twelve perspectives on history education research from across Europe and America. With a focus on empirical research, each chapter outlines national as well as disciplinary traditions, discusses findings and methodology and generates perspectives for future research, thus allowing insight into remarkably rich and diverse academic traditions.

Since the publication of the first edition of this book, empirical research on historical thinking and learning has intensified and diversified. Therefore, each chapter was revised and extensively updated for this second edition. In order to adequately reflect the ever-growing field of research, several authors chose to bring on a coauthor for the updated version of their paper. Additionally, a new introduction provides a comparative perspective on the chapters contained in this volume.


Manuel Köster, Holger Thünemann, Meik Zülsdorf-Kersting: International History Education Research: Common Threads, Research Traditions and National Specifics

Sebastian Bracke, Colin Flaving, Manuel Köster, Meik Zülsdorf-Kersting: German Research on History Education. Empirical Attempts at Mapping Historical Thinking and Learning

Mario Carretero, Everardo Perez-Manjarrez: Historical Narratives and the Tensions between National Identities, Colonialism and Citizenship

Penney Clark: History Education Research in Canada. A Late Bloomer

Peter Gautschi: History Education Research in Switzerland

Violett a Julkowska: The Research History on the Didactics of History in Poland

Christoph Kühberger: History Education Research in Austria

Pete r Lee, Arthur Chapman: Fused Horizons? UK Research into Students’ Second-Order Ideas in History: A Perspective from London

Esko Nikander, Arja Virta: History Education in Finland. Currents in Research

Nico le Tutiaux-Guillon, Didier Cariou: History Didactics in France. Research and Professional Issues

Carla van Boxtel: Insights from Dutch Research on History Education. Historical Reasoning and a Chronological Frame of Reference

Bodo von Borries: Three Generations of History Lessons. Qualitative-Empirical Research on Learning and Teaching on the Basis of Lesson Protocols

Sam Wineburg, Abby Reisman: Research on Historical Understanding. A Brief Glimpse from American Shores


Zu den Autoren

Dr. Manuel Köster, University of Cologne

Dr. Holger Thünemann, Professor, University of Cologne

Dr. Meik Zülsdorf-Kersting, Professor, University of Hannover

Stimmen zum Buch

„The volume gives a thorough overview of the state of the art in the research field. It offers a wide range of references, pointing at books and articles that otherwise might be missed and neglected. It can be a useful resource in history teacher education programs, giving students the opportunity to meet examples of current research trends and to discuss their similarities, differences, and relevance. And yes, even if the first edition already has its place on your bookshelf, the revisions and additions are good reasons for an update.“

Karl Gunnar Hammarlund, sehepunkte.de 


„Das Werk enthält, was nicht überraschen kann, eine Fülle von systematischen Hinsichten, theoretischen Rahmungen, Resultaten penibler Kleinarbeit, dazu erstaunliche, vergnügliche oder deplorable Anekdoten, lädt im guten Sinn zum Nach-Denken ein.“

Michele Barricelli, HSozKult

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