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History Didactics and Public History

International Journal of Research on History Didactics, History Education, and History Culture. Yearbook of the International Society for History Didactics

History Didactics and Public History

Über das Buch

Is history education part of public history? Can it profit from public history strategies of dealing with the public? How does it incorporate public history into the teaching-learning process? How does it deal with public history products, such as museum exhibitions, tours, history-related fiction and comic books, movies and games? Or maybe public history is a form of history didactics and can use its conceptual models in the process of developing its own? How are both related to academic history, to historical memory and culture and how do they influence them? These are just some questions addressed in the 2018 issue of JHEC "Public History and History Education". The Forum section provides snapshots on crucial topics of didactical research in selected countries: curricula, textbook production and contents, and school practice in the process of changes. The issue closes with the theoretical reflection by Wolfgang Hasberg on periodization in history and history education.

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Public History and History Education

Barbara Silva: History, narrative and the public: towards a social dimension of history as a discipline

Elias Stouraitis: Deconstructing the historical culture of Massively Multiplayer Online Games: a participatory interactive past

Karel van Nieuwenhuyse: The ‘Great History Quiz’: Measuring public historical knowledge and thinking in Flanders

Denisa Labischová: The influence of the didactic structuring of learning tasks on the quality of perception, analysis and interpretation of a historical cartoon

Joanna Wojdon: Museum lessons and the teacher’s role


Karel van Nieuwenhuyse and Bernd Stienaers: The national past according to Flemish secondary school history teachers: Representations of Belgian history in the context of a nation state in decline

Mare Oja, Grete Rohi and Merike Värs: History teaching at post-elementary school in Estonia – successes and challenges

Anu Raudsepp and Tõnu Tannberg: The impact of World War I on the rise of national states: challenges of history textbook writing

Stanisław Roszak: Between dominance and democracy in the selection and content of textbooks in Poland

Sara Zamir and Lea Baratz: Victim themes in contemporary history curricula for state junior high schools in Israel – can the past construct future consciousness of victimhood?

Wolfgang Hasberg: Epoch – a useful parameter for measuring time? An urgent inquiry



Peer-Reviewers of the 2017 and 2018 JHEC

Call for Papers

Zu den Autoren

Lea Baratz, PhD, senior lecturer at Achva Academic College of Education, D.N. Shikmim, Israel. Main research interests: international education, higher education, educational theory

Wolfgang Hasberg PhD, Professor of Medieval History and the Didactics of History at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Cologne, Germany. Main research interests: medieval history, historiography, theory and didactics of history

Denisa Labischová, doc. PhDr., PhD, Associate Professor of History Didactics at the Pedagogical Faculty, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. Main research interests: the European dimension in history teaching, visual media in history teaching, historical stereotypes, research of history textbooks, empirical research of historical consciousness

Mare Oja, PhD, lector of didactics at the School of Humanities at Tallinn University. Main research interests: curriculum development, assessment, history of education

Anu Raudsepp, PhD, associate professor of history didactics at the Institute of History and Archaeology of the University of Tartu, Estonia; Main research interests: national history of education, history textbooks, history of Stalinist era

Grete Rohi, history and social studies teacher at Viimsi High School, Estonia, author of teaching materials, including digitaal tools for teaching history in Estonia
Stanisław Roszak, PhD, professor of history at the Nicholaus Copernicus Universtiy in Toruń (Poland), textbook author. Main research interests: history of Poland in the modern times, history didactics

Bárbara K. Silva, PhD, professor of Contemporary Latin American History and Public History at the History Department of Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile; postdoctoral Fellow in History of Science FONDECYT. Main research interests: history of science, cultural and political history in identities and nation building
Bernd Stienaers has a professional bachelor degree of teacher for lower secondary education in mathematics, history and informatics. After having worked some years in the private sector, he obtained his master’s degree in history at Leuven University in 2015

Elias Stouraitis, MA, PhD Candidate of Digital History at the Faculty of Historial Survey, History Didactics and New Technologies, Department of History and Informatics, Ionian University, Greece; Main research interests: digital humanities, historical culture, digital games, and design of educational software

Tõnu Tannberg, PhD, director of research and publishing bureau at National Archives of Estonia; Main research interests: history of Estonia

Karel van Nieuwenhuyse, PhD, assistant professor in History Didactics, at Leuven University (Belgium). Main research interests related to history education: the position of the present, remembrance education, the use of historical sources, the link between historical narratives and identification, and representations of the colonial past in textbooks since 1945

Merike Värs, history, civic education and elementary school teacher at Kääpa Basic School, Estonia. Main research interests: history of education

Joanna Wojdon, PhD habil., associate professor at the Institute of History, University of Wrocław. Main research interests: history of education under communism, new media in history education, public history, history of the Polish Americans

Sara Zamir, PhD, senior lecturer, Education & Administration, Achva Academic College and Ben Gurion University, Israel; Main research interests: sociology, political socialization, measurement and assessment in education

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