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History and Edutainment

International Journal of Research on History Didactics, History Education, and History Culture. Yearbook of the International Society for History Didactics

History and Edutainment

Über das Buch

The 2015 issue of the Yearbook of the International Society for History Didactics appears under the new title: International Journal of Research on History Didactics, History Education, And History Culture (JHEC). Its leading theme is “History and Edutainment”, i.e. a combination of history education and entertainment. Starting from the ‘traditional’ educational media, such as books and periodicals, the authors move to museums, songs, board and video games, movies, television shows and finish with more general reflections on the benefits and drawbacks of incorporating edutainment into the practice of teaching history, for learners and for teachers. The volume can be regarded as a voice in a broader debate on the reaction of school education on edutainment, and more generally, on public history where entertainment is so popular. In the Varia section readers can find the second part of the text on colonisation and decolonisation as presented in Belgian history textbooks (part I was published in 2014) and a presentation of the book that analyses the results of the Bologna process.



History and Edutainment

Arja Virta: Seeing the past in pictures: children’s historical picture books as an introduction to history

Susanne Popp, Jutta Schumann and Miriam Hannig: ‘Histotainment’ by popular history magazines. The ‘edutaining’ design of history and its challenges for media critical history education

Agnes Fischer-Dàrdai and Krisztina Dezso: Edutainment in the museum – A place where you can experience the history of the University of Pécs in an interactive environment

Angelos Palikidis: ‘Discovering’ 150 years of history in a portmanteau: An educational history programme at the Ethnological Museum of Thrace

Karl Benziger: Music, minstrels, and the American Civil War: Entertainment, imagination and historical interpretation

Konrad Kochel and Maria Stinia: Educational values of traditional board games

Piotr Podemski: Teaching middle school history through grand strategy video games: The case of Europa Universalis

Urte Kocka: Edutainment in Global History

Markus Furrer: The modern contemporary witness and his double role as a ‘histotainment’-figure and an object of oral history – a dilemma for history teaching?

Barbara Wagner: The seriousness and fun, when edutainment is associated with history teaching

Eleni Apostolidou: Affordances and constraints of history edutainment in relation to historical thinking


Karel van Nieuwenhuyse: Increasing criticism and perspectivism: Belgian-Congolese (post)colonial history in Belgian secondary history education curricula and textbooks (1990-present)

Elisabeth Erdmann and Wolfgang Hasberg: Proceedings in history teacher education? Results of a global study of the impacts of the Bologna Reform


Author´s index

Zu den Autoren

Eleni Apostolidou, lecturer of History Didactis ate the Department of Primary School Education of the University of Ioannina; Main research interests: history didactics in primary and secondary education, cognitive psychology, historical consciousness, historical culture, history of historiography, theory of history, public history, mouseuma in teaching history

Karl P. Benziger, Ph.D. is a Professor of History at Rhode Island College; Main research interests: History and Memory, Cold War, Hungary/Central Europe, History Education, U.S. Foreign Policy

Krisztina Dezso, PhD-student, museologist and librarian of University of Pécs Library and Centre for Learning Historical Collection Department, Hungary; Main research interests: university history, history of education, local history

Elisabeth Erdmann, Dr. phil. habil., Prof. em. of history didactics at Erlangen-Nürnberg university, Honorary President of the International Society of History Didactics; Main research interests: visual literacy, textbook research, history didactics in international contexts, ancient history, archaeology

Agnes Fischer-Dardai, Dr., Professor, Director-General of University of Pécs Library and Centre for Learning, Hungary; Main research interests: history didactics, textbook research, textbook analysis, the specificities of historical knowledge

Markus Furrer, Dr.phil., Professor of History at the University of Teacher Education of Lucerne and Private Docent at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Main research interests: Swiss and European contemporary history with special focus on politics, culture and social history as well as on remembrance

Miriam Hannig, research assistant, project leader of the EHISTO project; Department of History Didactics at the University of Augsburg, Germany; Main research interests: history in the commercialised mass media (project leader of the EU-Comenius project ‘EHISTO’ 2012-2014), museum development and museum education; history teaching in primary school

Wolfgang Hasberg, Dr., Professor of Medieval History and the Didactics of History at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Cologne, Germany; Main research interests: medieval history, historiography, theory and didactics of history

Konrad Kochel, sociologist, historian, social activist, fan and expert of traditional historic games and their restorer

Urte Kocka, Dr. phil.; taught history and philosophy at the Gymnasium until 2003 as well as didactic of history at the Free University of Berlin, 1997 until 2008; Main research interests: global history and bi-national history textbooks

Angelos Palikidis, Dr. phil., lecturer of History Didactics at the History & Ethnology Department of the Democritus University, Greece; Main research interests: History textbooks, visual literacy in History teaching, Local History Teaching, History and Museum Education

Susanne Popp, Prof., Dr. phil., Didactics of History, University of Augsburg, Germany. President of the International Society of History Didactics; Main research interests: European and global perspectives in national history teaching and history museums (co-ordinator of the EU-Culture-project ‘EMEE’; 2012-2016), visual literacy, popular history magazines in Europe (co-ordinator of the EU-Comenius project ‘EHISTO’; 2012-2014), international comparison of textbooks

Jutta Schumann, Dr. phil., lecturer on History Didactics, University of Augsburg, Germany; Main research interests: museum development and museum education, gender issues in history learning, historical culture, textbook analysis

Maria Stinia, Dr. phil., teaches as the Institute of History at Jagiellonian University.; Main research interests: history of public and private secondary schools in Galicia, especially in Kraków, and the history of Jagiellonian University and issues related history education

Karel Van Nieuwenhuyse, Dr. phil., assistant professor in History Didactics, at Leuven University (Belgium), faculty of Arts, Specific History Teacher Training Programme; Main research interests: the position of the present in history education, remembrance education, the use of primary sources and film in history education, and students’ historical narratives about the national past

Arja Virta, Dr.phil., professor of Didactics of History and Social Sciences at the Department of Teacher Education, Faculty of Education in the University of Turku, Finland; Main research interests: learning processes in history and social sciences, teacher education, multicultural education, and assessment

Barbara Wagner, Dr. phil., professor at the Institute of History, University of Warsaw, Poland; Main research interests: History didactics, history of education, civic education, contemporary history

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