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Historical Thinking

International Journal of Research on History Didactics, History Education, and History Culture. Yearbook of the International Society for History Didactics

Historical Thinking

Über das Buch

Developing historical thinking is becoming an overarching goal of history education, at least on the declarative level. The concept is not new and has been developed for many years in various national and international contexts. However, its scope and contents, and especially the methods of transferring it onto everyday school practice still remain work in progress for they involve major re-structuring of traditional ways of teaching. In this case, modernizing history education is not about incorporating new technologies but rather about developing new approaches to any and all resources used in the classroom and issues discussed in the process of history education. Some of the papers in this issue of JHEC address the issues posed by the use of films, museums, writing, and the introduction of local and regional history in history education.Starting from this year, JHEC launches its new section devoted to book reviews. It discusses publications related to history didactics and all aspects of historical culture and history education in the past and present, published in the recent years in the English language.

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Historical Thinking

Terry Haydn: Changing ideas about the role of historical thinking in school history: A view from England

Jukka Rantala and Najat Ouakrim-Soivio: Historical thinking skills: Finnish history teachers’ contentment with their new curriculum

Marjolein Wilke, Fien Depaepe and Karel Van Nieuwenhuyse: Teaching about historical agency: An intervention study examining changes in students’ understanding and perception of agency in past and present

Floor van Alphen and Karel Van Nieuwenhuyse: Conceptualizing ‘identity’ in history education research

Georg Marschnig: Language matters: The hidden curriculum of historical thinking as a challenge in teacher training

Laura Triviño-Cabrera: Utopia, historical thought and multimodality for the media empowerment of pre-service trainee history teachers


Maria Mavormmati: Enhancing historical film literacy: A practical framework and findings from an undergraduate classroom

Csaba Jancsák, Eszter Szőnyi and Ágnes Képiró: The impact of video testimonies in Holocaust education in Hungary

Cynthia Wallace-Casey: ‘I want to remember’: Student narratives and Canada’s History Hall

Christian Heuer: ‘Does the teacher matter?’: Questions about the unknown perspectives from German-language history didactics

Danuta Konieczka-Śliwińska: Concepts for teaching about regions in Polish schools at the beginning of the 21st century in the light of curricula

Book Reviews

Harry Haue: On Susanne Popp, Katja Gorbahn and Susanne Grindel (eds), History Education and (Post)Colonialism: International Case Studies

Eleni Apostolidou: On Anna Clark and Carla L. Peck (eds), Contemplating Historical Consciousness: Notes from the Field

Barnabas Vajda: On Joanna Wojdon, Textbooks as Propaganda: Poland under Communist Rule: 1944-1989


Authors’ Index

Call for Papers


Zu den Autoren

Eleni Apostolidou, lecturer of History Didactis at the Department of Primary School Education of the University of Ioannina, Greece.

Fien Depaepe, PhD, associate professor in Educational Sciences at Leuven University (KU Leuven, Belgium).

Harry Haue, PhD, professor emeritus of history didactics and educational history at the Department for the Study of Culture, University of Southern Denmark.

Terry Haydn, PhD, Professor of Education at the University of East Anglia, England.

Christian Heuer, PhD, Post-Doc Researcher at the University of Education Heidelberg (Germany).

Csaba Jancsák, PhD, sociologist, leader of Hungarian Academy of Sciences – University of Szeged Oral History and History Education Research Group (MTA-SZTE OHERG).

Ágnes Képiró, researcher, member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences – University of Szeged Oral History and History Education Research Group (MTA-SZTE OHERG).

Danuta Konieczka-Śliwińska, PhD habil., associate professor at the Institute of History, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland).

Georg Marschnig, PhD, Lecturer for the Didactics of History (University of Graz) and Secondary School Teacher for History and German.

Maria Mavormmati, PhD, Aristotle University, Department of Primary Education and Hellenic Open University.

Najat Ouakrim-Soivio, PhD, Senior adviser, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland.

Jukka Rantala, PhD, professor of History and Social Studies Education at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Eszter Szőnyi, researcher, member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences – University of Szeged Oral History and History Education Research Group (MTA-SZTE OHERG).

Laura Triviño-Cabrera, PhD, Professor of Social Sciences Didactics at the Faculty of Education Sciences of the University of Málaga (Spain).

Barnabas Vajda, PhD, associate professor of history at the Department of History, University of Pécs and associate professor at the History Department of the University of J. Selye, Komárno, Slovakia.

Floor van Alphen, PhD, research fellow (Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid Research Talent Attraction Programme), at the Basic Psychology Department of Autónoma University Madrid (Spain).

Karel Van Nieuwenhuyse, PhD, assistant professor in History Didactics, at Leuven University (Belgium).

Cynthia Wallace-Casey, PhD, SSHRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Ottawa and member of The Making History Research Unit.

Marjolein Wilke, doctoral student at the history department at Leuven University (KU Leuven, Belgium).

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