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Facing – Mapping – Bridging Diversity

Foundation of a European Discourse on History Education Part 1

Facing – Mapping –  Bridging Diversity - Foundation of a European Discourse on History Education Part 1

Über das Buch

Aim of the first volume of History Education international (HEint) is the foundation of a European discourse on history education. Based on the German understanding of history didactics authors from 25 states of the European Union describe the scientific discourse on history education in their country.
Facing the situation of organisation and research on history education is a basic condition for understanding. Mapping this situation is the conclusion of facing the diversity. Reading the articles of more than 35 authors all over Europe it is amazing to observe how again and again new landscapes of history didactics come in existence. For that reason the findings are summarised by a systematic approach, whereby the landscapes of several discourses on history education in Europe can be drawn. Bridging diversity may be successful on this basis.


Prefaceing Diversity – Prefaceing Diversity

1. Breakdown
1.1 Elisabeth Erdmann and Wolfgang Hasberg
Mapping Diversity. Foundation of a European Discourse on History Education (Introduction)
1.2 Karl Filser
„Unity and diversity of our European identity”. Recommendations of the European Council on History Learning and Teaching

2. Articles
2.1 Reinhard Krammer
History Teaching in Austria
2.2 Bruno de Wever and Paul Vandepitte, Jean-Louis Jadoulle
Historical Education and Didactics of History in Belgium
2.3 Chara Makriyianni, Charis Psaltis and Dilek Latif
History Teaching in Cyprus
2.4 Blažena Gracová and Zdenĕk Beneš
History Didactics in the Czech Republic
2.5 Harry Haue
Historical Education in Denmark
2.6 Anu Raudsepp and Ülle Luisk
2.7 Arja Virta and Esko Nikander
Historical Education, Historical Culture and the Didacticts of History in Finland
2.8 Nicole Tutiaux-Guillon
French Paradox: Meaningful yet uncertain History Didactics
2.9 Elisabeth Erdmann and Wolfgang Hasberg
Historical Culture, History Didactics and History Teaching in Germany
2.10 Maria Repoussi
History Education in Greece
2.11 Ágnes Fischer-Dárdai
The Teaching of History in Hungary at the Beginning of the 21th Century. Positions and Perspectives